Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blitzing, Rushing Titles and RIP

One of the new wrinkles that Leslie Frazier has added to the defense is a blitz package to employ against easily confused and jittery quarterbacks. He first used it against Philip Rivers, who completed only 19 of 42 passes for 197 yards and an interception. He shelved it the next game, however, knowing that Brett Farve would likely pick apart the Vikings secondary. However, he's brought it out again against the Raiders and now the Giants and it's been very successful against two quarterbacks who don't make the best decisions. Against the Raiders, while Daunte was able to rack up 344 yards through the air, he was also sacked five times, fumbled twice and threw an interception. And we all saw how the blitzing worked against Eli Manning.

I fully expect the Vikings to continue blitzing for the rest of the season, since words like "easily confused", "jittery", "turnover machine" and "easily sackable" can be accurately used to describe Jon Kitna, Alex Smith/Trent Dilfer, Jay Cutler, Rex Grossman and Jason Campbell.

Rushing Titles
Want to know how good Adrian Peterson has been? He is 15th in rushing attempts, 12th in attempts per game and has sat out 2.5 games and still has 75 more rushing yards than Willie Parker, who leads the NFL in rushing attempts and in rushing attempts per game, yet is second in rushing yards with 1008.

RIP Sean Taylor
Whatever you want to say about Sean Taylor and his lifestyle choices, this was a young man with a young daughter who had his whole life before him. Not to mention the fact that he is an honorary Viking, a title he earned when he intercepted Brett Farve twice in October, interceptions that tied and broke George Blanda's career interception mark. His death is a tragedy, and the entire football world grieves for his family's loss.

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