Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Logo Needed Mock Draft: 15th Pick

We keep getting closer and closer to the Vikings' pick and things are starting to get interesting in a way that only (mock) drafts can. The folks from Houston Die Hards are making the pick on behalf of the Texans, and, coming in, it seemed clear the players they'd be targeting. But sometimes, things just fall into your lap.

With the 15th pick in the draft, the Houston Texans select:

Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

Well, this is unexpected. The Texans picked their LT of the future in the first round last year, but with all the players I wanted off the board - and an elite talent like Oher slipping, I have no choice but to take him. Oher will be the LT, Duane Brown can move to RT, and current RT Eric
Winston can move inside, which would be a significant upgrade to an already drastically-improved offensive line.

Quick, nimble, and athletic, Oher weighs 309 and is a great fit for the zone blocking scheme that helped to make RB Steve Slaton a rookie of the year candidate last season.

Houston's two biggest positions of need are OLB and DT. However Oher is an ELITE talent, whereas the best players left at those positions may or may not slip to Houston's 2nd round pick.

This was a difficult choice to make because for weeks now I've been railing against mocks that have the Texans taking ANY offensive players, but since I'm a "build from front to back" guy, I can't help but jump all over a player of Oher's caliber.

If this scenario played out in the real world, the Texans would get a SWEET offer to trade down, and they'd take it... but since there are no trades in this draft, I'll take Oher with no regrets.


Anonymous said...

I heard Oher has scared many teams. He could fall to the Vikings.

helen said...

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