Friday, March 27, 2009

No Logo Needed Mock Draft: 24th Pick

More on the Childress Killing the Cutler trade rumor later today, but I've gotta get some more work done and flesh out my thoughts a bit more. So while you're waiting, why not continue following along the draft as the writers of the Falcoholic make their selection in the No Logo Needed Mock Draft.

With the 24th pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select....

LB Clint Sintim, Virginia

Some may consider this pick a slight reach, but Sintim fills the absolute number one need for the Falcons. I would trade my first born son and the draft rights to my third born for a living, breathing pass rush in Atlanta, and Sintim goes a long way toward helping that.

Despite their magical, pixie-dust sprinkled season in 2008, Falcons not named John Abraham proved remarkably terrible at getting to the quarterback. Sintim could immediately contribute because he knows how to make his way into the backfield and has the speed and tackling potency to be one of the better pass-rushing linebackers in the league. He's also no slouch against the run, making him--in my addled brain, at least--a legitimate first round talent.

The Falcons do have a host of needs here, including holes at safety, potentially at cornerback and a real need for a dual threat type of tight end. The first need is the pass rush, though, and Sintim represents a big piece of the puzzle.

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