Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Logo Needed Mock Draft: 19th Pick

The Vikings are almost on the clock (I should be posting my pick tomorrow afternoon), but first
new head coach Raheem Morris must make the first pick of his head coaching career. Tampa collapsed notably down the stretch, and they need some more positive news. Will they get it with their first pick? The Buccaneers blog, Buc 'Em, is making the pick.

With the 19th Pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

Percy Harvin, WR, Florida

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers find themselves with a number of question marks entering the season. Will the new coaching staff succeed? Why couldn't more be done with all that cap space? Are there too many holes in the roster? When it comes to the draft, the Bucs could go in a number of directions, but with this pick, they're going with the best available athlete.

Even during the Super Bowl Championship year, the Bucs offense wasn't explosive. Tampa Bay has had it's moments, but never had an offense that struck fear into the hearts of opponents. By selecting Percy Harvin, they hope that can change. Harvin is a hybrid sort of player, but will most likely fit in as more of a traditional receiver. Sure he'll get the occasional handoff or reverse, but don't think his touches will be split as much as they were at the University of Florida.

At receiver, the Bucs already have their #1 guy - Antonio Bryant - and the player they hope can be their #2 - Michael Clayton. Harvin fits the role of game changer. He might not be an every down guy, but will create matchup problems for the defense and could be used as the motion receiver a lot.

Despite injury problems in college, Harvin was never truly seriously hurt. He didn't miss significant amounts of time and given the fact that he will be used in more of a complimentary role in the NFL, he could be a great pickup at this point in the first round. Based on talent alone, Harvin is one of the top players in this year's draft.

The Bucs offense needs someone that can take it the distance. And that is something Harvin can provide. With a power running game, a clear cut #1 receiver, and a young, but improving offensive line, Harvin will be a welcome change of pace that could keep opponents guessing.

Who knows if this is the route the Bucs will go on Draft Day, we had the opportunity to select QB Mark Sanchez, QB Josh Freeman, or DT Peria Jerry, but we stayed true to our word and went with the Buc ‘Em Community collective choice.


Anonymous said...

You just exposed yourself - with all the OTs and Percy gone - you think the Vikes take Nicks.

TBird41 said...

Wait and see. Wait and see.

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