Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Logo Needed Mock Draft: 22nd Pick, Minnesota Vikings

The pick you've been waiting for:

With the 22nd Pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select:

Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

Going into this mock draft, I expected to have to justify why I chose not to draft Josh Freeman, who is generally considered the third best quarterback available. By my count, there were about 9 teams that could reasonably take Mark Sanchez due to the age of their “franchise” QB or due to their lack of a franchise QB (Detroit, St. Louis, Seattle, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Denver, New York Jets, Chicago, Tampa Bay) before the Vikings picked. Instead, it looks like I’m going to have decide whether Mark Sanchez is the answer to the Vikings’ long standing quarterback issue (or is juicy enough to tempt the Broncos to trade Jay Cutler for him) or whether the Vikings should address their needs at cornerback or offensive line. And after thinking back to the last two years, the answer is clear—if Mark Sanchez is available, the Vikings should draft him.

First off, it’s quite clear that the Vikings need a real franchise quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson is never going to be that good and Sage Rosenfels is already 31 years old. Secondly, I believe that Mark Sanchez is the best quarterback available in the draft because he’s got enough arm strength for the pros, he’s more accurate than Matt Stafford and he’s shown the ability to read coverages that Freeman never had to in Kansas State’s spread offense.

Sanchez has the arm strength and the accuracy to succeed in the NFL and he has the background in a Pro-Style offense that will allow him to quickly adapt to the pros. He completed 64.27% of his passes in his 16 games at USC, more than any other first round quarterback. He can throw the ball deep accurately (forcing defenses to only put eight in the box to stop Adrian Peterson) and he has the touch needed for the short throws as well, a necessity in Brad Childress’ West Coast Offense. Also, Sanchez has all the intangibles you’d want in your quarterback, which he showed by getting elected captain last year and when he stuck it out at USC despite getting beat out by John David Booty for the starting position in 2006.

I know there are some doubts about Sanchez due to his lack of starting experience, the talent surrounding him, his height and the fact he was somewhat turnover prone, throwing ten interceptions and fumbling seven times. The doubts are enough for me to hope that he’s taken before the Vikings’ pick, but they aren’t enough to let me pass on him for another player (especially with 5 offensive tackles already off the board). So the Vikings’ finally have their franchise quarterback. Hopefully.


Anonymous said...

I hope and expect you are wrong. The Vikings have some immediate needs on the offensive line, especially at right tackle. Sanchez has one year of experience as a starter in college. It will be years before he can be a starter. The Vikings need to pick up another experienced QB that can read defenses to prevent AP from being smashed into 8 and 9 man fronts. Moreover, I doubt Sanchez will be available.

TBird41 said...

I agree with you on this one. I doubt Sanchez will still be around at #22, and I would not have selected Josh Freeman. The way this mock draft played out, however, there weren't any tackles left that were first round talents and I couldn't justify taking a cornerback ahead of Sanchez.

So with Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, Andre Smith, Michael Oher and Eben Britton already gone and other tackles like Phillip Loaderholt likely to still be available in the Second Round, I had to take Sanchez and hope that he was the answer to the Vikings' quarterback issues.

JJ said...

Booty beat out Sanchez for the starter job at USC two years in a row even though Sanchez was older and "more experienced." Why should the Vikes draft Sanchez when they have Booty on their bench?

Anonymous said...

JJ, good point. I didn't realize Sanchez was older than Booty. But you still have to explain why NFL teams are evaluating Sanchez as a first rounder while Booty was a fifth rounder.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed that people overlook Booty. He reads defenses, has a strong arm, is big, and is smart. Just because Brady was a 6th rounnder and started (due to injury) doesn't make a 5th rounder that is learning a bad pick.
I think a cornerback is a must 1st rounder not a Q.B.

Anonymous said...

JJ, I take back what I said about you making a good point. I just checked and Booty is older than Sanchez. Still, I must admit it is strange that Sanchez is rated so much higher out of college.

Just like the first pick should not be QB, I hope the Vikings stay away from defense, including CB. The priority be help for AP, especially offensive line, and perhaps later in the draft a fullback. The Vikings must find a proven QB and possession WR because they need to win now and these positions usually take 3 years to develop.

JJ said...

ahhh I left a long comment but it wouldn't take it.

I got it wrong. Sanchez was redshirted for two years behind Booty.

If we pick Sanchez this year, why in the heck did we waste a pick on Booty last year?

Sanchez is rated first round because of the year, he wouldn't rate that high against Ryan and Flacco.

If he couldn't beat out Booty 2 Years ago, what makes us think he can beat him out now? Did one year as BMOC change him that much? I think it's more likely that Pete Carroll knew what he was talking about.

Anonymous said...


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