Friday, January 18, 2008

This Weekend

It is Vikings' fans last chance to avoid the worst Super Bowl matchup I can think of. Even in years that the Purple choked away a Super Bowl berth, there usually wasn't a reason to hate the AFC Champion. This year, well, if things go wrong on Sunday, all of us will have no choice but to root for a meteor, brushfire, or some other horrific event to prevent either the Packers or Patriots from winning it all.

Honestly, I don't care how obnoxious Eli Manning looks. I'm willing to to ignore the lingering bitterness I still harbor from 2001. If it means the Giants take out Brett Farve and the Packers, well, then I have no choice. I mean, really, do people like this really deserve to cheer for a team that wins it all (and you know they'll only get worse if the Packers ruin the Patriots perfect season)? Is there anything worse than hearing announcers talk about Farve? Isn't it for the best if no one has to go through two weeks of that? Please?

And the Patriots. If you aren't sick of them and their fans, read this. And then, I suggest you go offer to add to the bounty. And aren't the Boston area fans gotten enough out of former Minnesota players? Do they really need a Super Bowl after a perfect season? (Though, I will admit that I'm still a big Randy Moss fan, as you'll see when I start begging the Vikings to sign him.) Wouldn't it be better if our spiritual brethren in San Diego got their second shot at winning it all?

I know how unlikely a Giants-Chargers Super Bowl is. I know that there's no reason to expect either of the Patriots or Packers to get upset on Sunday. But it'd sure be nice to have someone to cheer for, rather than having to cheer for a disaster to strike Glendale.

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