Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snatching Up All the Quality Free Agents

In case you missed it, the Vikings recently signed sixteen rookie free agents (and also invited a few players with local ties to come try out for a contract). And they did a good job of signing some quality players. NFL Draft Countdown listed their top 50 rookie free agents (based on their predraft rankings) and the Purple cleaned up, signing eight of them, including two in the top ten and Erin Henderson, the brother of starting middle linebacker E.J. Henderson and NFL Draft Countdown's top rookie free agent.

Vikings' Signees on the top 50 Rookie Free Agent List:
#1: Erin Henderson, OLB, Maryland
#6: Drew Radovich, OG, USC
#23. Darius Reynaud, WR, West Virginia
#27. Martail Burnett, DE, Utah
#28. J Leman, ILB, Illinois
#38. Marcus Griffin, S, Texas
#40. Kyle Wright, QB, Miami (FL)
#49. Steven Hauschka, K, North Carolina St.

And while many of these rookie free agents will end up on the practice squad or won't make the team at all, if you're going to bring in rookie free agents, might as well bring in the best, right?


MTC said...

Whoo Erin Henderson!!! I live in Maryland, but am a die hard Viking's fan, and Erin looked like an All American all year, a truly explosive player. I'm pretty confident he will make the team.

TBird41 said...

Me too MTC. I live in the DC area, so I've watched a few Maryland games and Erin's pretty solid. I see him being a force on special teams assuming his knee holds up b/c he's as athletic, if not more so, than his brother. I think we're going to like him in Purple