Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Greatest Season EVAR!!!

Honestly, is there anything not to like about this season? I mean aside from the 2-5 record and the thrashings that the Vikings have taken from the Bengals, Bucs and well, every other team they've lost to? Ok, fine, that part sucks a lot.

Once you get past that though, the Vikes have given us a lot so far. There's "the whole sex on a boat in Lake Minnetonka" thing. That was a lot of fun. Especially once my friends connected it with the time I was plastered and told a girl from Panama that I would sail her canal (I can't actually verify that, because I wasn't there, but I'm told her reaction was priceless. Mainly because she didn't get it). That was good times.

There's also Mike Tice. Not Mike Tice the coach [he's not so much a positive as a negative], but Mike Tice the speaker. Would you rather have to listen to bland, boring quotes or beauties like this one: "vice presidents should vice president their departments and let us do our jobs on the field". First off, I'm not sure how you can "vice president" something. Secondly, well, I was going to make a comment about him being insecure about his job, but well, if I were Mike Tice, I'd be insecure about my job too. Also, if I were Mike Tice, I'd have no hair. I would also be a kiss ass who is unable to control a football team. I would also be unable to form coherent sentences. Hmmmm....I seem to have found myself on a tangent, but, well, I think we can all agree that Mike Tice's life sucks. Unless his wife is hot. That would probably make it better. [Also, I found this while looking for a picture of Tice's wife. I must have missed the memo where Tice brought discipline to the Vikings.]

The Vikings also gave us hope this year. Though that didn't last long. But we had it for awhile, right? And after thinking about it, I realized that you can't count this against them. If you got suckered in by the Vikings, it's your own fault, so quit complaining. It's not like they've never broken our hearts before. [And....bitterness off.]

Finally, the Vikings have given us a victory over the Packers. And really, isn't that enough? No? You think the Vikings should be a Super Bowl Contender? Or at least .500? Or at least be able to avoid embarrassing scandals? Well, that's just crazy talk.

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