Thursday, October 27, 2005

Keys to Beating Carolina

The keys to victory at Carolina according to the Vikings:

  • "[We] can't turn the ball over on the road,"- "Coach" Mike Tice
  • “[We] can’t turn the ball over, and when [we] have a chance to make plays, [we’ve] got to make plays”- Jermaine Wiggens
  • "Defensively, I think we've got to get off to a better start than what we have, I think we've got to go out there and set the tone early in the game."- Keith Newman

To sum it up, the Vikings think that in order to win at Carolina, they can’t turn the ball over, they have to set the tone defensively and make plays offensively. That sounds doable, right?

In three road games this year, the Vikings have 12 turnovers, allowed 95 points and only scored 21 points. Also, the Panthers are ridiculously good at creating turnovers, especially fumbles, which Mike Rucker, one of the Panthers’ TWO ridiculously good defensive ends, has said “comes naturally” to them. Which, is, you know, great, because even when Daunte isn’t playing like Bizarro Daunte from the world where Black Quarterbacks are always bad because, they’re, you know, black and blacks can’t play quarterback, and instead, he’s playing like MVP Daunte, the real Daunte, he STILL fumbles like it’s his job. Oh, and the Vikings have lost 31 of their last 40 road games.

We are so f***** on Sunday.

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