Thursday, May 29, 2008

Killing Time: A Video (And Photo) Fix

  • The Star Tribune has a video interview with Brad Childress, which would be nice on its own, but since it features a lot of footage from OTAs as well, it's definitely worth a look. If you need even more of a fix, Mr. Cheer or Die has a ton of photos from OTAs that might sate your craving for a little while (but in end, as we all know, a little bit is never enough to quell the addiction.)

  • Football Outsiders has finally posted their breakdown of the NFC North after the draft. And one doesn't have to be statistically inclined to agree with their basic premise-the division has a lot of shaky quarterbacks and whichever team gets the most out of their shaky QB will likely win the division. Also, the Lions continue to be a messed up organization.

  • The worst draft in Vikings' history? Well, it wasn't the 2005 draft, if you asked the "experts" prior to the 2005 season, as Pacifist Viking demonstrates. And if you're wondering why the Redskins were willing to trade for Erasmus James' three sacks and extra long injury report, it's because his former coach at Wisconsin is their new defensive line coach.

  • Brett Farve was arrested yesterday (I suggest you click the link before you get too excited).

  • Gonzo at Daily Norseman is killing time this offseason by projecting the Vikings' 53 man roster. So far, he's done a projection of the depth chart at Wide Receiver, Running Back and Quarterback.

  • Finally, if you're looking to torture yourself, the NFL Network is happy to oblige. Me? I don't think I'll have enough time, since I'll be too busy seeing how many of my toenails I can rip off with my bare hands before I pass out.

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