Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Lost Season (A Plea for a new Coach)

I'll admit it--I watched the Twins game yesterday from the start. I only caught the first hour or so, and some of the game during commercials. And you know what? I made the right decision.

The Vikings' have their draws--the Purple Jesus, E.J. Henderson, the defensive line--but this team isn't any more special than last year's team. It has the same talent level, the same massive question marks in the passing game, the same poor play calling and the players make the same fundamental mistakes. So why should I get excited about a team that's on its way to another 8-8 season at best?

And let's be honest--this team is on its way to another .500 season. The Bears are looking like the Bears of 2006 and 2004 again. Brad Childress can't beat the Packers. The Jaguars, Giants, Saints and Buccaneers are all good teams. And really, would any one be surprised to see the Texans or Cardinals beat the Vikings? There are easily 5 losses left on the Vikings' schedule, if not more. I don't know that I see 7 wins, let alone the 8 or 9 that would be required for the Purple to win the division.

And yes, I place the blame for this firmly at the feet of Brad Childress. It is his fault that the Vikings are forced to rely on Gus Frerotte to quarterback. It is his fault that the offense is designed so poorly. It his fault that the play calls are so inexplicable (he called the punt with two minutes to go with the Vikings down two and he called the deep pass play that took Adrian Peterson off the field on a 3rd and 1 to name two horrible decisions). And it is his fault that the Vikings are 1-3 despite having a team that is playoff caliber in every aspect of the game except for when they are throwing the ball.

If the Purple do not make the playoffs this year, Brad Childress should be fired. He's had three years and all the support he could possibly want from his owner. And he's only been able to manage a 15-21 record that includes a home loss to the Redskins with the playoffs on the line. We have to remember that the ultimate goal for this franchise is not the playoffs or the division title. The ultimate goal is a Super Bowl victory. If Brad Childress can't make the playoffs with this team, there's no reason to believe he'll ever be able to coach a team to the title (not that he's shown any reason to believe he could do that so far). And if the coach doesn't have the ability to win the Super Bowl, the Vikings need to get a new coach. It's that simple.


justin said...

amen 100%

Anonymous said...

amen 200%. I hate to say it, but what would have Denny G. or even Tice be able to do with the talent on this team? It seems that chilly cant get his team to play to its potential or they dont believe in him, idk. All i know is, after all the hype and the $ spent, the glorious purple look amazingly average, at best. Get rid of chilly and give Del Rio a call. (i know that aint happening but i can dream). peace. go vikes!

Anonymous said...

Forget the playoffs...Chilli needs to be fired right now!!!! Before the New Orleans game.

There is nothing worse then limping along just good enough to keep your job but never accomplish any thing.

Chilli has done nothing in over 2 years to indicate he will ever be qualified to he a head coach in the NFL.

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