Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Great.

Kevin Williams and Pat Williams both tested positive for performance enhancers. They're appealing, but if they're out for four games, the Vikings' season is over. They would be the second and third Vikings in the last two years to be suspended for performance enhancing drugs.

Specifically, they tested positive for "Water Pills", otherwise known as the diuretic Bumetanide. They can be used for weight loss, or, much more likely in this case, to mask steroid use.

So yeah. That's bad. And it means that this season has just been buzzkill after buzzkill.


Anonymous said...

how can they prove that they were trying to mask steroids tho ???? what if they just wanted to lose some pounds...

Anonymous said...

for the same reason rogain is banned. if you take it, they can't tell if you are also taking steroids. it is the uncertainty that the diaretics create that requires the same punishment as if they failed for steroids.

Now, I am not saying that they where trying to mask steroid use, of that I even believe that. Infact I believe they were taking the supplement as it was intended, seeing as the banned supplement was not listed in the ingrediant list. one reason why teh supplement industry must be regulated. it is my understanding that a fairly large percentage of supplements contain steroids that are not listed. it is scary how meny highschool athletes may be taking steroids without even knowing it.