Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Place

Ladies and Gentlemen--your first place Minnesota Vikings!

That was ugly. U-G-L-Y. Kevin Williams is unbelievable. Bernard Berrian was a great signing. And I'm seriously trying to decide if I'd rather have the Vikings miss the playoffs if it means they get a new coach. But the Falcons win means that the Purple are tied for first with the Bears.

More on the game later today and tomorrow. Then I'm moving on, because a 12-10 win over this Lions team is pathetic, but it could be worse, because the Lions aren't the worst team in the league and because the Lions didn't win.


Chris said...

Ugly, indeed. Why have the Vikings' last two wins not felt like "Wins" AT ALL??? And what do we need to change so A.D. can start running wild again? Yeah I know he averaged around 4.9 YPC, but I'm greedy...I want him to average 5.6!!!

Seriously, though: Chilly sucks! He's better at winning Gerald McRainey look-alike contests than he is at winning games! Let's start a petition to promote Leslie Frazier to Head Coach...

Before I go, I wanted to ask your thoughts on the MLB situation: E.J. is gone, and now Herron's got a bum ankle. I sure don't want Ciurciu out there full-time. Should we make some sort of deal by Tuesday's deadline to add depth?

Troy said...

Oh my goodness. "And I'm seriously trying to decide if I'd rather have the Vikings miss the playoffs if it means they get a new coach." My sentiments exactly. Except... I remember this offseason, thinking "@#$! yes, this is the team I've been waiting for, we'll finally be good this year..." and then having to deal with this up-and-down mess. I mean, we had a chance in Green Bay, we gave away the Colts game, we were down by six, in the fourth, with the ball (albeit at our own goal line), against the Titans... we could, conceivably, be undefeated. And yet, our wins this year... we've been more lucky than good, for the most part. Ugh. People keep talking about "The Chin" as a possibility for a ton of teams with head coaching questions... and I keep thinking, "Damn, what could Cowher do with this team... Imagine a 3-5 D, with P.Williams at the nose, and K.Williams and Allen at the ends, whoo... and what could he do with AP?" But, I don't want to go through another off season, like last year - all hype, limited results. I want to win now, AND have Childress fired.

Ok, that's my thouht-vomit for the day.