Saturday, August 26, 2006

It Never Ends, Does It?

The Vikings released Koren Robinson today, ridding themselves of a player whose off field conduct had made him a liablity to the team. By doing so, the Vikings finally freed themselves of players with off the field issues.

Actually no, they didn't. Of course they didn't. What was I thinking?

The same day they released Robinson, Dwight Smith managed to get in trouble for indecent conduct.

Seriously people, what is wrong with this organization? They can't go one week without some kind of humiliating off the field issue. As soon as one is resolved, another pops up, and so one ad infinitum.

And no, this isn't righteous anger--I'm just tired of all the crap. That, however, doesn't mean I won't be making indecent conduct jokes. You can mark my words--they are coming. Oh man, are they coming.

[I'll have a recap and analysis of the Vikings thrashing of the Ravens up on Sunday night/Monday morning, so make sure to stop by--I promise it'll be as much fun as celebrating a win with Dwight Smith. Wisconsin women for EVERYBODY!]


Anonymous said...

Is it just selective memory, or did all these run ins with the law begin about 1985 or so? Ever since Bud "God" Grant left, the Vikings players seem to have a penchant for finding trouble. Maybe the team was able to cover it's collective ass better in those days, but somehow I think Bud wouldn't let this kind of shit tarnish the team's reputation.

TBird41 said...

It wouldn't surprise me that much to find out that these run ins started with the end of the Bud Grant era, considering he was really the last true disciplinarian the Vikes have had as the head coach.

Hopefully Childress can put a stop to them, or, at the very least, keep them minor, like this one. I think that in this day and age the players are going to get in trouble, it's just a matter of how often and what they've done. If Childress can make sure that these run ins with the law don't happen often and aren't that large (indecent conduct v. sex boats), the Vikings will be fine.