Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Original Linkinator

One of the things I'm planning on this season is doing a midweek links post. I know that a lot of people don't have the kind of time and flexibility I have (or the procrastination skills) and thus aren't able to get around to all of the great newspaper stories and blog entries. My goal is to highlight blogs about that week's opponent as well as the stuff being said about the Vikings around the web, so that you can get a sense of what opposing fans and the National Media is thinking.

  • War Cry is one of the better football blogs around, and their look at Washington after Saturday's preseason game against the Patriots was not a happy one. One thing I've noticed living in D.C. is that Racists' fans aren't panicking yet, but that's only because they are physically unable to question Joe Gibbs. I mean, that man is a god to them.
  • The A.P. has the Vikings going 8-8 this year and, since they consider the NFC North to be Wisconsin Cheese bad, they think that will be good enough for first place in the division and a playoff berth. Obnoxiously, they don't allow you to link directly to a team's entry, so you'll have to scroll down from the top.
  • Sports Illustrated has their rankings out as well, though they're nowhere near as kind to the Vikes as the A.P. was. I think we know which beatwriter Dwight Smith would invite to party with him at the Electro Lounge. (And what is with these sites and not allowing direct links? Why are they making this hard for me? What did I ever do to them?)
  • The comments at Deadspin's post on the Vikings' fumigation efforts are both hilarious and so very sad. Then again, considering the chick Dwight Smith hooked up with was from Wisconsin, it's probably smart that the Vikings sprayed the locker room down.
  • Finally, it seems the Vikings are looking at both Deion Branch and A.J. Feeley. A trade for Branch would make me happy. Signing Feeley would make me, well,to be honest, I doubt I'd have much of a reaction.


cheswick said...

I agree with you on the Branch possibility. We NEED an experience WR. Preferably someone with hands who isn't Todd Pinkston.

As for Feeley, I hope like hell he isn't signed! Jesus, those ex-Eagles crappy QBs are worthless! Brad Childress - do NOT go there.

TBird41 said...

Feeley signed with the Eagles, partly b/c they offered him more money. And that's fine for two reasons; if BJ gets hurt, the Vikes should give Tarvaris time under center and secondly they should use their cap money on players that can actually help the team make the playoffs, like Branch, or for signing a quality player that's cut at the end of the preseason.

Players like Feeley don't matter when you're on the playoff bubble. If BJ goes down for an extended period of time, the Vikings are not making the playoffs unless Tarvaris can replicate his preseason performance.