Monday, August 14, 2006

Tarvaris, the Bringer of Hope

Well, I have to say that wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I mean the Vikings lost, there are clearly still some problems to work out, (I'm looking at you, Troy Williamson) and Chad Greenway managed to get hurt. That being said, something special may have happened tonight. We might, and I do mean might, be able to say we saw the first NFL action of the true heir to Fran Tarkenton--Tarvaris Jackson.

Jackson, aside from having a bitchin’ first name, has some crazy potential. Now, normally I think Joe Theismann is an awful announcer. I mean, the man is clearly still trying to shake off the psychological damage from the most jarring hit ever. There’s a reason he’s on Monday Night Football—he’s still trying to come to grips with having his leg broken into little pieces on national television. That being said, when Theismann compared Tarvaris to Michael Vick (it was a compliment) after one of his Raider embarrassing jaunts, I found myself agreeing with him. Now, I understand this is the preseason and Tarvaris was up against the second string of a pretty bad defense, but did you see those pinpoint passes? Did you see him juke the Raiders out of their shoes? Did you think back to his profile in the Star Tribune and then allow yourself to remember that Steve McNair, who also worked his ass off day in and day out, was a product of Division 1-AA as well? Did you let yourself dream of having a quarterback that could lead us to the promised land? Did you? Did you let yourself have hope?

[And I would like to thank Brad Childress for being rational and making the correct decision to forgo an easy field goal opportunity and overtime so I could go to bed rather than stay up and watch the our fourth stringers battle the Raiders' fourth stringers in sudden death]


twins15 said...

It was great watching Tarvaris out there. I wrote about him on my other blog too, but wow, he was poised, accurate, and that athleticism was beautiful to watch.

Now, hopefully Johnson doesn't get hurt at all, because if we're forced to go with Mike McMahon at all, well, that's big trouble.

TBird41 said...

My guess is that if Johnson gets hurt, we're going to see Tarvaris, not McMahon. And I think that's the way it should be, since Tarvaris is going to give the Vikes just as good a chance to win (if not better) and they might as well get the Quarterback of the Future some playing experience.