Sunday, September 17, 2006

George Blanda is Back!!

Now, I don't want to set the precedant where Ryan Longwell gets to party with the Wisconsin Women just because he kicks a game winning field goal. Kickers are important, but they don't normally win games so much as finish them out, similar to a closer in baseball. However, when you are responsible for all of the Vikings' points, including the game winner in overtime, AND you throw a touchdown pass on a fake field goal? Well, that's the kind of performance those Wisconsin girl appreciate, as I'm sure Ryan Longwell knows from his days in Green Bay, which is why he gets to party with them tonight!

Gonna Party with the Wisconsin Women Tonight!

That all being said, I hope he invites Napoleon Harris (for his 10 tackles and two huge sacks including the one that was erroneously overturned in OT) and Chester Taylor (for having a break out game and busting off a 33 yard run to set up Longwell's game winning field goal) to his party, as they were just as deserving as he was tonight.

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