Friday, September 01, 2006

I Hate the Preseason

The preseason is awful. It's boring, it's too long and it doesn't mean anything. And worst of all, there's really only one way to be successful, and it has nothing to do with wins and losses (or, you know, ties). The only way to be successful in the preseason is to avoid injuries to important players, like, say, your first round draft pick, your starting safety, or your starting nickelback.

Since, however, the Vikings seem to be allergic to success, they failed to get out of their final preseason game without another significant injury, this time to Dovonte "Farve Fears Me" Edwards. Nothing like a broken arm to your nickelback to get you ready for the season opener.

In other news, the Vikings are the least valuable franchise in the NFL. Now, I know the Metrodome sucks, but I'm not sure how the Saints are more valuable, considering everyone left their city. Then again, maybe playing in the Metrodome is worse for a franchise's value than having a hurricane destroy the city it plays in.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my search for a new jersey. Sadly, I was unable to go with either of the top two choices due to forces outside of my control--I couldn't find a white Smoot Jersey, and a custom Tarvaris jersey wouldn't have gotten to me in time. So I went with an Antoine Winfield away jersey. Hopefully #26 will work out as well for me as #84 did.

[Editor's Note: I just saw this article on Dovonte Edwards great play this preseason in the Star Tribune. Excuse me while I go break something]


cheswick said...

At least you are not alone in your misery of viking-loving. This team is gonna provide some genuine puke-worthy moments this season. I just know it. I haven't been able to take my Helga-hat out of the closet where I pitched it in disgust two seasons ago.

And Childress is really making me nervous by signing, or thinking about it, all these loser ex-Eagles. Todd Freakin' Pinkston! Give me a break. That guy couldn't catch an STD on a Vikings cruise.

Just how scared should we be feeling about this season?

TBird41 said...

I would be a lot more scared if the NFC North wasn't so awful. The Vikings can and should beat the Pack and Lions this year, and can probably win at the Dome against Da Bears. I'm going to do a season preview sometime next week, but the Vikes have a shot at the playoffs this year, since they're basically the same team that made a run at them last year with a moron and an O-Line coach running the offense.

And I'm also slightly perturbed by Childress' infatuation with ex-Eagles players. That being said, so far he's only been interested in ones that might upgrade a weak spot for the Vikings (Backup QB, WR). While it's true Pinkston isn't all that great, the Vikes' recievers aren't exactly Reed, Carter and Moss.

And it could be worse-he could be obsessed with ex Terps like Tice was.