Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mad as Hell

I’m too angry about yesterday’s game to analyze it properly. I’m too angry about the lack of offense. Too angry about the awful calls against the Vikings. Too angry about the mental breakdown by the defense right before the half. Too angry about the failure to cause the quarterback with the second most career interceptions to throw a single one. And too angry about the second straight conference loss that shouldn’t have happened. The Vikings are not out of the playoff race yet, but they’ve relinquished control of their own destiny.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the offense’s poor production so far this season that isn’t said by noting that the offense has only scored more then two touchdowns in a game once, against Seattle, and that they’ve only matched yesterday’s output of two TDs once, against Washington. Something needs to change. And since there’s no way to bring in better receivers (though Billy McMullin stepping up yesterday was nice), and it’s a little too late to install a new offense, the only real answer is to change the man under center. That’s right folks—no more hedging. It’s time for the Tarvaris Revolution!

Of course, if the officiating had been a little better, then the Vikings would likely have been able to come away with a win, because their special teams would have bailed out the offense once again. The illegal block penalty on Artose Pinner was an awful call, and one that changed the complexion of the game. It should have been a no call, and Bethel Johnson’s touchdown should not have been called back. The refs showed, however, that they were willing to step in even in dubious situations when they called a penalty for unnecessary roughness on Cedric Griffin after Donald Driver got the lateral from Greg Jennings.

Now, I want to be mad about the defense allowing that play to happen, but it’s hard to expect the secondary to be prepared for laterals like that (and is it just me, or does stuff like that happen all the time against the Packers?). But their breakdown at the end of the first half was inexcusable. There is no way that Donald Driver should be allowed to take a slant 82 yards for a touchdown. And of course, my anger at the defense wasn't helped by the Brett Farve slurping that occurred afterwards. I’d bet Farve planned out his celebration in order to maximize the amount of love he received on Sportscenter for his "enthusiasm for the game". Please shoot me now.

The season is not over, however. The playoffs are still well within reach. Dropping the last two games, however, have seriously damaged the Vikings’ chances and my confidence in their ability to capitalize on their schedule. If Childress doesn’t do something about the offense soon (Viva le Tarvaris Revelucion!), it won’t matter how easy the schedule is--the Vikings won't make the playoffs


Pacifist Viking said...

Viva le Tarvaris Revelucion? Yep, I'll help set up the barricades.

That's the frustration of fandom; we don't get any control over these things. It's like when kings were just born into the position and we had no control over their decisions. It would require organized revolution to influence anything.

Anonymous said...

2 more things that made me so angry. Really angry

1. WTF was Brad Johnson doing heaving a bomb on 2nd and 1 late in the 4th qtr. Yeah Bethel Johnson stopped his route but there was no way he even gets close to that ball. BJ should have been benched right there.

2. How could Driver ever line up with someone other than Winfield covering him ? Tomlin for all his smarts (and they are considerable) blew that one big time

TBird41 said...

Both are solid points. Childress needs to get Tarvaris ready to go this week, either as the starter or as the primary backup.

And there really is no excuse for having a shaky outside linebacker on their best reciever in an obvious passing situation. Tomlin gets stopping the run--he still needs work on stopping the passing game.

Pacifist Viking said...

Was there any reason Winfield AND Sharper weren't covering Driver all game? There was nobody else to scare anybody, and you can bet Favre would have forced into double coverage to get the ball to Driver. How Dontarrius Thomas was covering Driver is a mystery as confusing as why Whittaker was covering him on that big play. Even singling him with Winfield seems foolish, when there was absolutely nobody else to worry about covering.

Anonymous said...

I never post but I am a Viking fan and am just about fed up. They are so maddening to watch it's unbelievable! Even when BJ throws a TD I see things that just piss me off to no end. Did you notice the amount of time it took Brad to get the ball to Mcmullen? I swear Billy could have stopped, checked the Philly game on his Blackberry, winked at a cheerleader, tied his shoe, and then look up to catch the ball. My 4 year old could have fired it in there faster!! IF THERE IS A GOD PLEASE START least we could feel like we are building toward next year!!!

Newt said...

Nice Blog. I have a Vikes one too.


cheswick said...

TBird - I'd write something but I'm way too pissed to say much. Suffice it to say that I've thrown my Helga hat back into the closet. This season is OVER. Childress ain't daring enough to bench BJ's ancient ass. I can't believe how fast the wheels have fallen off the post-season express. Ok, I said more than I thought I could without punching out my monitor...I HATE losing like this.