Friday, February 02, 2007

The Playoff Pickoff: Super Bowl Edition

It all comes down to this. With only the Super Bowl remaining, Ichirio has a one game lead over Jason and Stud. With the right pick, we may have to go to the tie breaker. Or, we might end up hearing a rant about the Ravens. Which would be fun, I guess.

Jason: Colts -- I'm stuck in a prisoner's dilemma. The leader by one,IchiroHoya, suspects that I will take the Bears to offset the logicalselection of the Colts. IchiroHoya counters by taking the Bears, makingmy move even more genius and also keeps me parallel to various"investments" with off-shore websites. [Don’t you hate it when you over think things? Me too.]

IchirioHoya: Colts, 30-16 -- Even against a very stout Ravens defense (please allow the Baltimorean to self-sooth a bit here) the Colts proved that they could move the ball a little bit. Against the Bears defense they will also be able to move the ball a little bit, and, with their rediscovered penchant for getting into the end zone, the Colts will put enough points on the board to win this one with some comfort. No Super Bowl win for Rex Grossman. Trent Dilfer exhales. His title of "Worst QB to Win a Super Bowl" remains safe for another year.

Stud: Bears, 23-21--I'm going with the Bears because it's the only way I have a chance at winning, not because I actually have faith in them. I friggin hate picking them, but hey, at least in 2 weeks we can start the official "When will Mark Prior/Kerry Wood break down, thus ending the Cubs season before it starts" pool.

Mookie: Colts—I don’t think the Bears can win. Why? Because I hate the Bears, and they hate God. Otherwise, why would they have beaten His messengers? And Rex Grossman is stupid. He doesn’t even have a real name-he has a dog name. Stupid Rex. [Ummm…Ok.]

TBird41: Colts—I just have a good feeling about Peyton winning this one. Maybe I’m missing something, but the Bears just aren’t as good a team as the Pats and Ravens were.

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