Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vikings Give Recievers Reason to Fear

By resigning Tank Williams, the Vikings insured that they would have both depth and a player with the ability to level wide receivers starting at strong safety. Assuming that Dwight Smith is cut due to the depth at the position, his off field shenanigans and his lack of a strong backer in the coaching staff, the Vikings have set up a training camp battle between Greg Blue and Tank Williams. And both of them can absolutely destroy people, something Smith wasn't known for.

Blue demonstrated his ability at the position during his rookie year while filling in for Smith against the Redskins and Packers, and more importantly, showed that he has the ability to make a wide receiver remember him, a trait he also showed in college.

Even if Blue can't beat out Williams for the starting role, the Vikings will still have an enforcer back there. I don't have video evidence of this, but the man's name is Tank after all. You don't pickup a nickname like that by intercepting passes.

[On a draft related note, the Star Tribune has a nice piece today about why the Vikings should think twice about drafting a wide receiver with their first round pick that you should make sure you read]


cheswick said...

you have to love those Blue hits. Maybe Frazier can encourage Blue to be a Bob Sanders-style destroyer? He's the second coming of Joey Browner!

Xandus said...

Still think we should go with a WR in the first round, especially if Johnson is still around.

TBird41 said...

I've pretty much been operating under the assumption that Calvin Johnson will be picked in the top 5--pretty much every mock draft I've seen as agreed.

If he's still around, then I would have no problem with the Vikings' drafting him. He is a stud. What I would have a problem with is if they reached for a Ted Ginn Jr. or Dwayne Jarrett there. Both of those guys have way too many drawbacks for the Vikings to take them, especially considering they could address another area of need instead by taking a Def. End