Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Forces Outside the Vikings' Control

It was an interesting weekend, not because of things the Vikings did (that being pretty much nothing) but because what other teams did impacted the Vikings' plans for next season.

First, the Colts franchised Dwight Freeney as expected, taking away one of the best options to help the Vikings' anemic pass rush. Jared Allen is still available, but if the Vikings don't sign him, look for them to spend their first round pick on Gaines Adams or Jamaal Anderson.

Secondly, da Bears became the second NFC North team to hire a new defensive coordinator this offseason, promoting their linebackers coach, Bob Babich. The difference, of course, is that Rivera didn't leave to become a head coach, but rather ended up as the Chargers' linebackers coach after his contract was not renewed. Kind of an odd situation, considering that da Bears strength the past two years has been their defense. I can't say that I've heard of something like this before, especially since it appears it was something of a mutual decision. Sadly, not only is it unlikely that da Bears will experience any kind of defensive drop off next year, but this decision will make it more likely thah the team will continue to have one of the NFL's best defenses for years to come.

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