Tuesday, March 13, 2007

As a Tumbleweed Goes By...

Sooooo....is anyone actually thinking about the Vikings right now? I mean, the bracket just came out, Spring Training is in full swing, and the Purple are in something of a wait and see mode (please note the sarcasm dripping all over that last phrase). The only chance they have to sign a "big" name is if they can get Kevin Curtis to put his name on the dotted line, and who knows when he'll do that, what with four different teams courting him, new agents and the knowledge that he is the best reciever left on the market. Their other opportunity to make news isn't until the draft, which is a good month and a half away. And the fun thing is, no one is going to be that happy with the Vikings draft unless Calvin Johnson falls to them in the first round (not happening) or Dwayne Jarrett falls to them in the second (ditto). Bobby Wade might be a good addition, but only as a 2nd or 3rd reciever. Right now, he's the clear #1. [Fun quote from Football Outsider's NFL North Offseason Preview, "Hopefully, their big additions are not Bobby Wade and Justin Gage, who would form a nice threesome with McMullen on an all-replacement level team. "]

Vikings fans should not despair, however. As Cold, Hard Football Facts notes, "Pro Bowlers aren’t bought, they’re drafted. " They also compare and contrast the Vikings' 2006 offseason with the Colts'. Guess which team made a bigger splash in free agency (Here's a hint: it wasn't the team that won the Super Bowl.) And since it's clear that the Vikings aren't going to win any awards this offseason, one can only hope that Tarvaris Jackson duplicates Daunte Culpeppers 2000 season. Or, if they're like me, they can spend their time thinking about baseball and whether or not it's ok for them to pick against their alma mater in their bracket.

[On a somewhat related note, I've rejoined the MNGameday team for baseball season, and I'll be writing a weekly links column, as well as a regular column every other week or so. My first column, naturally is not about the Twins, but is instead about my love for the Georgetown Hoyas.]

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