Thursday, March 08, 2007

Waiting for Godot

As we all wait for the Vikings to sign a free agent worth getting excited about (I like the Wade signing, but I pray he isn't the best player the Vikings' sign), a few things are happening around the web.

  • After the 'Skins signed Fred Smoot, ThatGuyBen of the Curly R (with whom I traded questions prior to the Vikings' opener) contacted me for my thoughts about Ol' Double Duty (scroll about halfway down the post). Apparently, I'm now an expert on the Vikings. Isn't this here internet grand?
  • Bobby Wade should be a good receiver for the Vikings. His return skills, however, seem to leave something to be desired. Considering that Mewelde Moore is pretty good at returning punts, there's no reason to put Wade back there. Kick returns might get a little more interesting though.
  • The commenters over at the Star Tribune's Vikings' blog weren't playing nice. I know this, not because I read the soul numbing comments, but because the Star Tribune felt it necessary to reprimand them.
  • Napoleon Harris is now a Kansas City Chief. The Vikings should never be allowed to participate in a trade involving a star player again.
  • I now have an RSS Feed! I think...

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