Saturday, April 28, 2007


I'm writing this as the Vikings' clock is slowly ticking down...and now they're showing "The Pass". As of right now, I want Adrian Peterson or to trade down. And it is....


The Vikings just got themselves an offensive play maker, someone who has break away speed, the ability to break tackles (a "violent runner" if you will) and a ridiculous watch (Did you see the diamonds on that sucker?!). Aond he was the only player available to the Purple that I wanted them to pick. So I'm going to ignore the fact that his collarbone is still injured (I think the fact he'll be sharing carries with Chester Taylor will help) and bask in the fact that the Vikings just added a player that defenses will fear. If they can add a wide receiver in the second round, their offense will actually be worth watching next year.

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twins15 said...

W00t!! And Sidney Rice in round 2! Very nice!!