Monday, October 08, 2007

Looking Around and Looking Forward

The Gunslinger Personified:
First off, congratulations are in order for one Brett Favre. I'm sure it was hard for him, what with all the hype surrounding his chase for the record and being in front of his home fans, all of whom where pulling for him, but he was able to over come all of that and tie George Blanda's record for most interceptions thrown. Blanda has held the record for more than 20 years, but his mark has withstood assaults by gunslinger after gunslinger, but Favre is the gunslinger personified, and now he's only one interception away from setting a record that may never be broken, something he'll have a chance to do in front of his home crowd on Sunday against Washington.

Beat Up Bears:
I'll be reassing the Vikings schedule tomorrow, something that's necessary because of teams like da Bears. Mark Craig of the Star Tribune has already made the point that I was going to, which is that da Bears are missing a lot of key players on defense and their offense is no better than the Vikings, whether they have Sexy Rexy, Brian Griese or Kyle Orton under center. Da Bears may be the best team for the Vikings to play this week, in what pretty much amounts to a must win game if they want to contend for the playoffs this year.

Mewelde Would Prefer to Live, Thank You Very Much:
Another Tampa Bay running back went down on Sunday, leaving the Buccannears with Ernest Graham and....well, actually, Graham was all the Bucs were left with. Think Tampa might up their offer for Mewelde Moore? Think Moore actually wants to go to Tampa, where he's almost guaranteed to suffer some kind of horrific injury? Considering he's always been somewhat fragile, it wouldn't surprise me if Moore preferred to stay here, at least until he becomes a free agent.

Two Threats to '98:
Through their first four games, the Cowboys are currently on pass to shatter the '98 Vikings' record for most points in a season. If they keep up their average of 37.8 points per game (ppg), they would, over 16 games, score 604 points, almost 50 points more than the 556 the '98 Vikings scored. They aren't the only team on pace to pass the '98 Vikings either: the Patriots are averaging 36.4 ppg, which puts them on pace for 582 points. The Cowboys have four games left against teams currently in the top ten in points allowed: one against New England (3rd-13ppg) and Minnesota (5th-14.8ppg) and two against Washington (3rd-13ppg). The Patriots have a slightly easier schedule, only having to play three games against top ten defenses: against Washington, Indianapolis (10th-17.6ppg) and Pittsburgh (1st-9.4ppg). They also have to play Dallas, who is just outside the top ten (11th-18ppg) and who may move into the top ten after playing Buffalo tonight, who is currently last in the NFL in points per game with an average of 10.2 ppg.

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