Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Wave of Positive Press

He's just unstoppable, isn't he? The Purple Jesus has carried out another miracle, saving the unsaveable, converting the media themselves into his disciples. After the Purple Jesus had his sermon on the Mount game on Sunday, there has been a wave of positive press, something that hasn't been seen in years, if ever.

All Day, Baby...ALL DAY

Don't believe me? Go to, where he's the lead story on the front page of the website. Go to the Star Tribune and read Patrick Reusse's positive column on Bryant McKinnie, where he doesn't take a single shot at anyone who's currently with the Vikings. When you consider that I have a "Patrick Reusse Style" tag that I use when I'm being overly negative, that's even more mind blowing. He wasn't able to have an impact on Souhan, but even Jesus himself wasn't able to make an impact on the Philistines.

The Purple Jesus is here folks. Time to repent.

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