Thursday, July 17, 2008


I knew it would come to this. I knew it. This season is the most anticipated season since 1999 for the Purple, and Brett Favre has to go and drag the Vikings into his Green and Gold mess. This is not ok.

I do not want Brett Favre in Purple, plain and simple. I literally cannot think of a worse thing for a sports team to do to its fan base (except for the Red Sox somehow acquiring Derek Jeter prior to 2004, though I think this is worse, because of how much more important the quarterback position is to a football team). His acquisition would ruin my enjoyment of the season (I prefer my celebrations to be more spontaneous and less nostalgic) and would almost certainly prevent the Vikings from winning a Super Bowl in the foreseeable future.

That's right-the Vikings cannot win the Super Bowl with Brett Favre as their quarterback. Favre was at his best when he had a coach that can rein him in. That's why he was good under Holmgren, and that's why he was pretty good under Mike McCarthy. Under McCarthy, however, you could see Favre start to revert back to "gunslinger" mode. Old habits die hard, and they're especially hard to break when you are skipping offseason workouts and training camps because you're too busy being a prima donna and debating whether or not to retire. That second point is particularly important now (and why the Packers smartly gave him a March deadline this year), considering that he'd have to come in and learn a new offense with the Purple. And the first point? Does anyone actually think Childress (or anyone, really-this point isn't meant to be a knock on Childress) could rein in the Interception King's ego and get him to buy into the system after all of this crap so far, and all of the "Savior of the Vikings" crap that the media would spew out if he joined the Purple?

Despite all of that, acquiring Favre might not have been the worst idea in the history of the franchise (which is still probably the Herschel Walker trade) if it wasn't guaranteed to wreck this Vikings' team chances of ever winning the Super Bowl. When you consider the age of some of the key players, the Purple probably have a 2-3 year window to win the Super Bowl before they take a step back (I'm not saying they'll spiral out of control like the Dennis Green era did, because this team is too well managed, but they'll likely go from a Super Bowl contender to a playoff contender). If the Vikings bring in Favre, he'll self destruct the same way he has in every playoffs since 1996 and then, just like he's done the last three years, he'll pull the same "I might retire, maybe, but I won't tell you in a reasonable amount of time and I certainly won't practice because I'm THE GUNSLINGER" schtick and the Vikings will be stuck, just like the Packers have been, unable to move forward with Tarvaris Jackson (who won't get any better sitting behind a quarterback that refuses to mentor young quarterbacks) and figure out if Tarvaris is the answer in time to get another quarterback before the team takes a step back.

And none of that factors in the nausea that seeing Favre in Purple would cause, which is just another reason that the Vikings should stay far, far away from him. Of course that means he's somehow going to end up on the Vikings. I don't know how, but I know, because that's the kind of thing this team does.

[I'm back...sorry about the long break between posts. There'll be a new post tomorrow, and pretty much every weekday from here through the end of the season.]


Anonymous said...

Agree entirely. Great post.

JayCee said...

I couldn't agree more. Just the thought of seeing Favre in purple makes me sick. Excellent post.