Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Killing Time: What a Draw

  • There's nothing like winning your division, getting the third seed and a game at home, only to find out your opponent is the best team in the NFL, according to DVOA.
  • Pacifist Viking on why the game might get blacked out. Let me just say that this is the first time I'm glad that I'm not in Minnesota for a Vikings' game.
  • I am in complete agreement with DC at Grant's Tomb on the fact that Childress is still not a good coach. One of the unmentioned subplots in this game is that neither fan base is all that excited about their team making the playoffs because they don't think they can win the Super Bowl with their coach and quarterback and it guarantees that they're going to have the same coach and quarterback next year. This becomes even less surprising when you consider that Zygi Wilf tried to model the Vikings on the Eagles.
  • The Vikings might have their best running back ever. They might have their best defensive line ever. And, apparently, they might have their best punter ever. (And you wonder why no one is all that impressed by a 10-6 record with this kind of talent).
  • Pat Williams is playing. So the Vikings have a chance at stopping Brian Westbrook on the ground. Phat Pat isn't going to be able to help the Purple stop Westbrook in the passing game though, which is too bad, because the Vikings aren't very good at stopping pass catching running backs (they're 22nd in DVOA against them).


GamblersTelevision says... said...

The Eagles aggressive pass rush is vulnerable to very good rushing teams. Minnesota can run on any down and distance and the Eagles may limit their blitzes because of it. I expect Minnesota to also try and run screens to Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor to spread out that aggressive Eagle secondary. The Vikings have an outstanding run defense that surrenders only 76 yards per game. When the Eagles cant run they cant win. 63 yards on the ground and a 10-3 loss to the Redskins in week 16 and only 58 yards on the ground in their first meeting that resulted in a loss back in October. 86 yards rushing and a 36-7 loss to Baltimore. 68 yards rushing and a 13-13 tie to Cincinnati. This is where the Eagles lack of a #1 wide receiver hurts them. When they are in obvious passing downs due to lack of success on the ground McNabb must wait and wait for his receiver corps to get open and that results in hurried throws. Things will be very loud inside the dome and passing will be very difficult with the Eagles in those conditions. The Vikings can pin their ears back and put heavy pressure on McNabb to much success here. Jared Allen and company will blanket him. Take Minnesota inside their home dome

Chris said...

Fire Childress and promote Frazier to HC NOW, before the Lions snatch him!

Childress sucks.

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