Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks For Nothing Green Bay

Way to choke away a victory against da Bears. Next time, please put a little more effort into it. Maybe, instead of getting the game winning kick blocked by a lineman's face, you might try getting a little more loft on it and forcing them to jump in order to block it.

Just a thought.

(Also, I feel dirty for having cheered for the Packers. Seriously unclean. The kind of unclean that no amount of hot water and soap can handle.)

And in case you're wondering, the Vikings have no chance of making the playoffs, unless Andre Johnson and/or Steve Slaton go off against da Bears and lead the Texans to victory. Though I'm sure they'll make it seem like they're going, up until they fail to win and da Bears return a fumbled snap for a game winning touchdown or something equally ridiculous.

Does anyone out there actually believe the Purple will make the playoffs this year? Can you tell me why? Because I don't, and I could really use some cheering up.


Anonymous said...

cheer up, 1.) think of past performances against little eli. sharper has probably been waiting all year for this. 2.) we're at home in the dome. 3.) there is no way AD is happy after his performances against the falcons and will probably take this game on his shoulders again and personally carry us to victory. 4.) t-jack's play of late has been about as good as we can hope for from him and 5.) the vikings have got to win a game when it counts sometime...right...?

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