Monday, March 02, 2009

Killing Time: Waiting For Godotmandzadeh

T.J.'s left town now, which certainly doesn't bode well for the Vikings' chances at signing. Of course, if he's on the way to L.A., it might mean he's planning on signing with the Purple in a few years (sorry, cheap joke). As I wrote on Friday, I think Housh would be a great addition to the Vikings if they can sign him to a contract that doesn't kill their cap when his age catches up to him in a few years. He's big, he has great hands and he catches almost everything thrown his way. He's the perfect complement for Bernard Berrian in the same way that Chris Carter was the perfect complement for Randy Moss. And if there's one thing we should have learned in the past few years, its that while good wide receivers can't make a bad quarterback great, they can make him better. And if you have a bad quarterback throwing to bad receivers (like the Vikings did in 2006), you're really not going to enjoy the passing game.

Letting Housh leave town isn't the only bad thing that's happened to the Purple since free agency started. Pretty much everyone of their other targets have already signed with other teams or don't seem interested. Center/Guard Jason Brown has signed with the Rams, Laveranues Coles hasn't left the East Coast, and Mark Clayton re-upped with Tampa Bay. Matt Cassel was traded to the Chiefs (sketchy, sketchy, sketchy) and Matt Birk is planning on visiting a few other teams.

Of course, when a door closes, a window opens, and for the Vikings those windows are named Kurt Warner and Jay Cutler. Warner's planned a visit with Niners, which means that the Vikings need to do everything in his power to get Warner to Winter Park. And while they're busy trying to woo him, they need to see if they can talk Josh McDaniels into making the worst decision of his career and trading them Jay Cutler (Yes, he'd be worth 3 draft picks. Heck, he might even be worth four).


Anonymous said...

The Vikings unwillingness to invite Warner here immediately baffles me. But Denver has said they won't trade Cutler to the Vikings because they can't offer a QB in exchange. That should tell Vikings fans that support T-Jack and Rosenfels something.

TBird41 said...

I'm baffled about Warner as well and in full agreement with you on T-Jack and Rosenfels. I like their acquisition of Rosenfels because he's an upgrade over last year (which means that the Vikes improved at the position over last year) but he's in no way a reason NOT to continue trying to improve the position

DUI_Guy said...

Warner was never serious about leaving Arizona. The only thing an invite would've resulted in is wasting money on his visit, which is what the Niners did.

Anonymous said...

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