Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why is Chris Carter Not in the HOF Again?

From Peter King's MMQB Tuesday edition:

If Cris Carter can't get in with 1,104 catches (and he's fallen short in his first years of eligibility), how will a man with 603 fewer receptions get in?

But I could easily make the argument that Branch, with three Super Bowl victories, was every bit the impact player (and maybe more so) as Lynn Swann, who was on four Steeler Super Bowl winners. Now I never voted for Swann, but he's in, and he has some eloquent and strong backers.

Swann averaged 2.9 catches and 47.5 receiving yards per game; Branch 2.7 and the identical 47.5. Swann: three Pro Bowls, one All-Pro team made. Branch: four Pro Bowls, three All-Pro teams. Branch averaged a gaudy 17.3 yards per catch, a yard more than Swann, and had 67 touchdowns to Swann's 51. The difference came in Super Bowl impact, with Swann and Branch both catch three touchdown passes in title games but Swann notching 161- and 124-yard games as a crucial element to the Steelers' success.

Chris Carter averaged 4.71 catches and 59.4 yards per game (putting aside how stupid those particular stats might be), averaged 12.3 yards per catch, caught 130 touchdowns, made 8 Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team. Carter made as many Pro Bowls as years Swann played in the NFL.

Honestly, I really don't get the NFL Hall of Fame.


DUI_Guy said...

Hopefully he'll find his way to enshrinement at some point, although I can't help but find it disrespectful to him if it takes a "weak" class for that to happen.

BTW, Cutler's a Bear (Denver also threw in their 5th this year for Chicago's '09 and '10 1sts, '09 3rd, and Orton). Now we get to see twice a year if Childress and/or Spielman was right about passing on making this trade themselves.

Spec7ral said...

He's gotta make it in. He patented the sideline toe tap!


Wanna swap some purple pride links?

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