Monday, March 16, 2009

Killing Time: Cutler, Paymah and the Draft

Jay Cutler
Apparently, Jay Cutler has asked for a trade. I've said it before and I'll say it again--the Vikings should be doing everything they can to acquire Jay Cutler. That includes giving up multiple draft picks. Remember--draft picks are about acquiring good, young talent. Cutler is 25 and he's very good. He's also under contract for three more years, and it's a relatively cheap one for a Pro Bowl quarterback.

More on Cutler:
  • Kevin Seifert at ESPN's NFC North Blog breaks down the NFC North teams that might want Cutler.
Karl Paymah
The Vikings signed Karl Paymah (making it that much easier for Sports Columnists and Bloggers to make puns while writing about the Vikings) over the weekend. (H/T to Chris for the article). It sounds like Paymah is going to end up playing special teams and competing for the nickleback job, though his contract makes me think the Vikings' expect him to win that job, since his contract is worth about million dollars more than Charles Gordon or Benny Sapp's. I like that the Vikings are acquiring depth at corner, which was arguably their weakest position last year, but it doesn't sound like Paymah, Gordon or Sapp are long term answers, and Antoine Winfield Cedric Griffin are unrestricted free agents at the end of the year.

More on Paymah:
  • Access Vikings has a scouting report on Paymah after entering the NFL Draft.
  • The ESPN NFC North Blog has the analysis of Paymah from Scouts, Inc.
The Draft
  • The National Football Post has an interesting article on offensive linemen's reach and hand size and its effect on their performance.
  • New Mock Drafts: NFP has the Vikings taking WR Jeremy Maclin from Missouri in the first round, while SI has the Vikings taking WR/RB Percy Harvin from Florida and Draft Countdown has the Purple taking OT Eben Britton from Arizona with the 22nd pick and CB Sean Smith from Utah with the 54th pick.
  • Stay tuned to find out who I'll be taking for the Vikings in the No Logo Needed Mock Draft, but I can guarantee you it won't be a wide receiver.


Anonymous said...

Cutler would be good fit for the offense but the Vikes cannot offer the Broncos a decent QB in return, which they are believed to demand. Moreover, Culter is believed to prefer the Titans and the Bears. In addition, Cutler would be crying after one week with insensitive Chilly. Chilly couldn't even get along with Birk after he skipped practice to birth his child. Getting Cutler is a long shot.

TBird41 said...

I know it's unlikely that the Purple end up with Cutler for the reasons you lay out, but that doesn't mean the Vikings shouldn't be doing everything they can to try and talk the Broncos into trading Cutler to them.

Anonymous said...

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