Thursday, May 07, 2009

Let's Drag This Out A Bit

So, apparently Childress did not go to Mississippi yesterday. Which is good, because I much prefer this drag out as long as possible. Making a decision is for people that don’t enjoy the game as much Favre does.

A couple more thoughts:

• If I believed Favre would be willing to step into the “game manager” role as quarterback, I might be a little more ok with this. But I don't. Favre doesn't just want to win--he wants to be the reason for the victory. Favre averaged 32.6 passes a game last year, and he’s only had one year where he averaged less than 31 attempts a game. He’s also notorious for being a “gun slinger” that tries to “make plays”. And he threw a league leading 22 interceptions last year. You do the math.

• One positive thing that would happen if Favre signs and Childress shifts the focus of the offense to the passing game—less wear and tear on Adrian Peterson. Peterson had 383 attempts last year (including the playoff game), and, as we all know, running backs break if you use them too much. Favre 32.6 passes a game came despite having Thomas Jones in the backfield with him. Jones was one of the most effective backs in the league last year, rushing for 1312 yards on only 290 carries while racking up the 5th most DYAR among running backs and the 7th best DVOA. His DYAR and DVOA were both better than Peterson's.

• I can’t believe that people are actually worried that Favre’s decision to play is motivated by revenge instead of his “love of the game”. I’m really going to hate this season.


Anonymous said...

Since Chilly left Philly he has run more within the WCO, even before they got AP. Chilly isn't going to change that for Favre. Favre must change for Chilly.

Anonymous said...

But Vikings must get a passing game so they can rely less on AP. He is being used too much. With Favre they would not only be able to pass a bit more, but also use Chester Taylor more and still be effective.

Anonymous said...

If you doubt Favre can be used as a game manager please read:

Brett Favre seen as good fit for Vikings
By Rick Alonzo and Sean Jensen
Pioneer Press

TBird41 said...

Here's the link:

Rich Gannon should check his facts before he starts claiming the 2007 Packers were a run first team.

The most carries Ryan Grant had in a game that year was 29 (and that was in a 38-7 blowout of the Raiders). The Packers averaged 24.5 rush attempts a game (not quite the 35 Gannon claimed). Favre averaged 33.4 pass attempts per game that year.

Favre has ALWAYS been the focus of the offense. He was last year, he was in 2007 and he has been every year since establishing himself as the Packers' starting QB

Anonymous said...

There was much more in that article than just that. For example, I thought you might find positivity that the Jets overused him. Favre might now be open to sharing the load with the running backs. Otherwise, I doubt Chilly will sign Favre. I don't believe Chilly will be manipulated by Favre.

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