Saturday, January 14, 2006

Picking the Playoffs

I've been a lot busier this week then I thought I was going to be, hence the absence of posts. I'm just pushing the timetable back a little bit, but first I thought I'd put up my picks for the games this weekend. After going 2-2 last weekend, I can't say I'm some kind of idiot savant, but here goes anyway:

Seahawks over the Racists:
The Racists won last week because that's what happens when you play a team with Chris Simms at quarterback. Hasselbeck isn't going to implode like that. This game shouldn't be close. And I have to say I am going to enjoy watching the Seahawks destroy the Racists, since I'm stuck in the middle of Racist territory.

Patriots over Broncos:
Once again, streaks just don't end to random teams. If the Pats lose, it is going to be to the Colts or in the Super Bowl. When it happens, I'm going to be happy, but Colts-Patriots just seems to be what destiny wants.

Colts over Steelers:
Bill Cohwer is not going to outcoach Tony Dungy. And the Steelers are not going to be able to follow the strategy that has been successful for them all year, which is get a lead and then start pounding the ball on offense and shutting down the pass on defense. This is going to be a high scoring game on the turf, and the Steelers are not going to outscore Indy.

Bears over Panthers:
This Bears team is better then the 2001 team. It's defense is better, they haven't relied on fluke plays as much, and Grossman is much better then the crap that team had under center. Plus too many people seem to think the Panthers are going to win this one. Plus, Brian Urlacher by himself would have done a better job then the Giants linebackers last week.

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TBird41 said...

Wow, I sucked at picking the playoffs last year. The crushing blow of only getting one right almost too much for my fragile soul to handle.