Friday, January 19, 2007

The Ragnarok's Playoff Pickoff--Conference Championships

As many others have mentioned, there are only three games left in the season. After Sunday, we’ll only have the Super Bowl left. So pay attention, because the picks made today could be the deciding factor in what has been a very close contest so far. I think we can all agree that events this momentous deserve a pre-game show. I couldn't get the "best", so instead, I had to look outside the box for the Host of The Ragnarok's Playoff Pickoff PreGame Show. Ladies and Gentlemen, Stephen Colbert:

New Orleans v. Chicago

Jason: Saints—Will Smith > Udeze [Editors’ Note: Jason is basing his picks this week on “nonsequiter, negative Vikings comments because [he’s] in that type of mood”]

IchiroHoya: Saints--Going with my heart over my head on this one. The Saints are by far the least objectionable team remaining in the playoffs. Drew Brees out duels Rex Grossman and the Saints head for the Super Bowl.

Stud: Bears. I'm picking straight against my gut on this one because nothing in football makes sense to me this season.

Mookie: Saints-- To quote Steven Colbert, “If Saints can’t beat Bears, then God is dead.”

TBird41: Saints—Rex Grossman is still a liability, and Tommie Harris was a huge part of da Bears ability to stop the run. McAllister and Bush will run all over Soldier Field and Brees will avoid the costly turnovers that would allow da Bears defense to make up for their offense’s inability to put points on the board.

New England v. Indianapolis

Jason: Colts--Ex-Vikings coaches (Dungy, Moore) > Current Vikings coaches (Childress, Bevell)

IchiroHoya: Colts--I haven’t picked the Colts yet in the playoffs and they have won twice. I figure if I finally pick them, they'll lose and I won't have to worry any more about the possibility of my father shooting someone in the wake of a Colts’ Super Bowl win.

Stud: Colts-- Same reason as above. Setting up a Super Bowl I will have no desire to watch. Kind of like last year.

Mookie: Patriots—Tom Brady’s dreamy eyes will once again mesmerize the Colts allowing him to drive for the game winning field goal.

TBird41: Patriots—I don’t believe in the Colts’ newfound ability to stop the run. More likely than not, it’s a small sample size mirage (think the Vikings’ putting up 31 points on Seattle and Arizona). That, more than anything, will be the deciding factor in the game. Of course, the media will be to full of man love for Brady and Belicheck to notice.

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