Monday, January 08, 2007

Thoughts on the Weekend of the Playoffs

  • After a first round with one well played game, two close games and one clunker, there's a three way tie atop the Playoff PickOff leaderboard: Stud, IchirioHoya and Mookie were all 3-1, with Jason and myself bringing up the rear at 2-2. How people arrived at those totals was also kind of interesting. Jason went 0-2 on Saturday, but was 2-0 on Sunday, while I did the opposite. To go along with that, Stud, Ichirio and Mookie all got different games wrong.
  • Weirdly enough, the game I enjoyed the most was the Patriots-Jets game. It was the only game that was well played by both teams (at least it was until the Jets fell apart at the end). The other three games were all pretty much slopfests, filled with turnovers, missed tackles and poor execution. Of course, despite this, the media has already started calling the two NFC games "Instant Classics" because they were close.
  • While I enjoyed Tony Romo's mishap immensely (Schadenfreude is the best), I don't think I'm going to enjoy the media'a rehabilitation of his image, They've obviously chosen him as the next overhyped quarterback that plays with a love of the game that no one else can match (or as I like to call it, the Farve), but they can't do that if people view him as a goat. So far, it looks like they're going to paint him as a victim of fate, but make no mistake about it, they'll switch tactics if that doesn't stick. Just you watch.
  • Can someone explain to me why Herm Edwards doesn't get skewered for being so happy after his team lost? Or at least explain to me why Kansas City was willing to give up a draft pick for a coach that wasn't able to exploit the Larry Johnson-Colts Run Defense matchup?
  • I think (and hope) that Tomlin is just getting interviews because he's a minority , rather than because he's going to get a head coaching job. I know it's crass, but I like watching the Vikings when they have a good defense and I'd like to have that experience again next year.
  • Finally, for those who aren't confident in Brad Childress' abilities as a head coach, I offer some hope--Bill Cowher will be a head coach in the NFL again in a year or two (or right around when the Vikings would be looking for a replacement for Childress).

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