Friday, January 05, 2007

The Ragnarok's Playoff Pickoff--Wild Card Round

Welcome to the Ragnarok’s inaugural Playoff PickOff contest. We have five brave souls who put their fingers to keyboard and came up with their picks. The winner gets to post on whatever they want (there are some exceptions, pretty much all of which fall into the category of “My girlfriend trying to embarrass me”). Trash talking and late entries are encouraged in the comments. So let’s get to it:


Jason: KC. I heard something on radio this morning regarding cold teams entering the playoffs and the radio never lies.

IchirioHoya: CHIEFS--You win with defense. The Colts will not be able to stop LJ. If he gets 30 carries, the Chiefs will win. A typical Peyton Manning so-so January performance will ensure that the Chiefs win.

Stud: Indianapolis--We're all winners here because NBC will probably show Herm Edwards' press conference from this week during the pregame. As for the game, it's at the RCA Dome against a 9-7 team that hasn't beaten a playoff team since October, so I'm going with the Colts.

Mookie: Indianapolis--Peyton Manning is ridiculously good.

TBird41: Indianapolis—I just can’t pick a team led by Herm Edwards. Yes, they have Larry Johnson, but Edwards will find a way to mess that advantage up.


Jason: Dallas for 2 reasons. One, Parcells just admitted to having a cat named Cody that can do “athletic and amazing things”, which is too good a story for a one and done playoff contender. Two, Seahawks just signed a mortgage broker at Cornerback. If Vikings have pass protection breakdowns due to the loss of Davonte, this should not bode well for Hawks.

IchirioHoya: SEAHAWKS--The real Dallas Cowboys are the bunch that we saw play against the Lions on New Years Eve. Without momentum and with plenty of internal dissention- this team just plain isn't that good.

Stud: Cowboys --Neither team had a very good December, but somebody has to win the game.

Mookie: Seahawks—Their QB has the hot wife from the View. Plus the Cowboys can die in fire.[Editor’s Note: Not quite—that’s Matt Hasselbeck’s brother, Tim]

TBird41: Seahawks—In a battle of mediocre teams, I think that home field advantage and Romo’s newfound tendency to turn the ball over will be the deciding factors.


Jason: Patriots. In the battle of 2 teams that thoroughly embarrassed the Vikings I’ll take the chalk straight up. I think Vegas is begging people to take the Jets, and Vegas has big shiny hotels that cost a lot of money to construct.

IchirioHoya: PATRIOTS--Tom Brady is a little banged up but, its January, he'll figure something out. Chad Pennington just doesnt stirke me as being able to lead a playoff upset in Foxboro.
Stud: Patriots--The Pats may not be as threatening as they were a few years ago, but the Jets don't give me enough confidence to pick against them at home.

Mookie: Patriots—They’re at home, and Tom Brady is both ridiculous and dreamy.

TBird41: Jets—I’m taking the Jets for two reasons: Tom Brady is football’s Derek Jeter (really good but somehow still overrated by the media) and because I want the Mangenius to be able to quote Darth Vader. I am a nerd sometimes.


Jason: Philly. I kind of want to take Giants, but think Tiki is a poor-mans Westbrook and think Eli will throw a TD pass to either Lito Shepard or Brian Dawkins.

IchirioHoya: EAGLES--Tiki Barber won't be able to make the Eagles defense look as silly as he made the un-motivated Redskins look in week 17. Without him having a monster game, the rest of the Giants flaws will show big time!

Stud: Eagles--The G-Men are offended that they are underdogs. It could be that 2-6 skid to close the season. Or maybe that 4 of those losses were to NFC playoff teams, including a 14 point loss to the Eagles and a game where they never had an offensive play in Saints territory. But no, that makes too much sense. I guess they're blaming global warming.
Mookie: Giants—I want Stud to cry after the Eagles lose.

TBird41: Giants—I’m having flashbacks to the 2004 playoffs. Probably a mistake, but I can’t say I really care, because I really enjoy reliving the Vikings’ victory over the Packers in the playoffs.

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