Friday, May 04, 2007

Don't Sign Keyshawn...

Unless he comes really cheaply. He was awful last year and mediocre the season before. He's old (He turns 35 this summer), he's slow, and he doesn't actually catch that many of the passes thrown to him. Not to mention there's that whole "attitude problem". Keyshawn would actually be a downgrade from Travis Taylor. Keyshawn's statistics for the last two seasons from Football Outsiders:

Year DPAR DPAR Rank PAR PAR Rank DVOA DVOA Rank VOA Passes Yards TD Catch %
2006 6.7 55 9.1 50 -7.60% 60 -4.30% 128 821 4 55%
2005 10.9 37 10.2 36 -0.90% 52 -1.90% 123 839 6 58%
2004 23.6 20 20.1 28 13.5% 35 8.6% 125 976 6 56%

Taylor's DPAR was 8.6, his DVOA was .9% and he caught 65% of the passes thrown his way. The Vikings would be lucky to get that out of Johnson, considering his statistics have declined the past three years and he's not going to get any younger. If Johnson is content to be a cheap veteran presence for a year while imparting his wisdom to Troy Williamson, Sidney Rice and Aundrae Allison, that's one thing. If he expects to be a centerpiece of an offensive attack, get a decent size contract and generally be treated like a star, the Vikings should let him go elsewhere, since he no longer plays like a star.

[Explanations of DPAR can be found here, while the DVOA explanation is here.]

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