Friday, August 31, 2007

Almost the End of the Beginning...

I'll be honest--I didn't watch the game last night. I don't live in the Twin Cities and I don't have Sunday Ticket. I'm willing to head to a bar for the real games and maybe even for a preseason game, but not for a game full of backups. There are advantages (the blackout won't affect me here inD.C.), but mainly, it means an extra level of effort, something I'm just not willing to put in for the last preseason game.

But enough of that pseudo negativity. The Preseason is almost over (the only thing left between the Vikings and their opener is 22 players), so now's a good time to check in with the rest of the internet, something I spend a lot of time on. If you're interested in thoughts on the game, Access Vikings and Skol Vikes have game recaps.

  • Vikings Frenzy found a preseason highlight film on Youtube. If you missed any of the first three preseason games, or just want to watch Kevin Williams destroy D'Brickashaw Ferguson again, it's worth checking out.
  • Sports Illustrated has their season preview up, including an article on the best and worst units (the Vikings didn't get worst offense or worst wide receivers. Progress!!). They have the Vikings going 6-10, good for third in the NFC North.
  • Pacifist Viking has tips on dealing with the negativity in the mainstream media.
  • Lipgloss and Baseball went to the game last night, and had a hard time making the transition from baseball to football season.
  • Somehow, I doubt our backup QB has a wife as attractive as Brodie Croyle's. Yet another reason why the SEC does so well in football.
  • Thankfully, the Vikings have yet to lose any of their projected starters to injury so far. They're probably the only NFC North team to be able to say that. Greg Olsen, da Bears first round pick, hurt his knee last night. The Packers' running backs are beat up and they might lose Abdul Hodges, who they were counting on to start at LB, is thinking about season ending knee surgery. Finally, Kevin Jones, the Lions stud running back, might be left on the physically unable to perform list and is likely to miss the first five weeks of the season.

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DC said...


I've been checking out your blog for the past couple of weeks and enjoy it. What's your take on the cuts the Vikings made on Saturday? I wasn't thrilled they cut Edwards and kept Whitaker.

By the way, I started a Vikings blog about a week ago and was hoping you might include it in your links section. You can find the blog at