Sunday, August 19, 2007

Note to Coach Childress--Let Tarvaris Play!

Now, I’ve generally been a Brad Childress defender. Generally, I’ve argued that he should be given more than one season before he’s considered a failure. He wouldn’t be the first coach to have a miserable first season followed by a good career, that’s for sure.

That all being said, his decision making on Friday night was pretty much indefensible. He went in with a game plan and he refused to alter it, despite the fact that it was clear that it wasn’t going to accomplish what the team needed.

Which meant that rather than allowing Tarvaris Jackson to throw more than four passes, he stuck to his pre game decision to play Brooks Bollinger in the second quarter, Drew Henson in the third quarter and Tyler Thigpen in the fourth. Which worked out great, since I’m sure he was able to get a lot out of watching Tarvaris completing two passes while dropping back four times (Bobby Wade dropped a catchable pass as well) and Bollinger completing two passes on five pass plays (don’t forget to include his fumble in his passing attempts).

I know the lack of passing attempts was due to outside factors, such as the INT returns for touchdowns and the Jets clock control. That doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating as all hell watching the worse than mediocre Bollinger replace Tarvaris in the second quarter when Tarvaris needs the experience. The Revolution has two NFL starts—he needs to be playing as much as possible in the preseason, not sitting on the bench watching Bollinger get sacked like some kind of sack prone version of David Carr. And Brad Childress needs to realize that and give Tarvaris the playing time he needs to develop rather than create a needless competition between the Revolution and Brooks Bollinger.

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