Monday, August 20, 2007

Nothing Like a "W"

I started with the Ugly from the Viking's second pre-season game yesterday, which means I'm a bit out of order, but that won't stop us from getting into the good signs from Friday's victory over the Jets. So without further ado, what I liked from the game (aside from the turnovers and the win, of course):

  • Chad Greenway is a stud. There was the interception, but that wasn't the only time his coverage was impressive. He was all over Leon Washington like cheese on pizza, white on rice, or Pacifist Viking on an overused cliche. He led the team with four tackles and generally looked like he'd actually played last year. What was that other guy's name? Napoleon something?

  • For those who've been saying that the addition of Adrian Peterson gave the Vikings one of the best two back tandems in the league--I agree. Jesus--the breakaway speed, the moves (I think he gave Andre Dyson whiplash with that spin move), the punishing of the defense--it was so beautiful. That all being said, I wouldn't mind if he avoided unnecessary contact. I'm still a little worried about his shoulder and the Vikings need Peterson's breakaway ability, something Chester Taylor can't provide (aside from his 95 yard run, Taylor's longest runs were 42 yds and 33 yds and those were the only three rushes he had over thirty yards.)

  • Ray Edwards and Brian Robison look like they're going to be the answer to the Vikings' pass rush needs. Robison has two sacks and a forced fumble already and Edwards has constantly been in the backfield. It's already paying dividends on the interior as well by preventing defenses from focusing on Kevin Williams as much, allowing him to pressure the quarterback as well.

  • Ryan Longwell's 54 yard field goal, combined with his two conversions on two other field goals, were reassuring after he missed a potential game winner from 42 yards in the first preseason game.

  • I really, truly enjoyed Kevin Williams destroying the 6'6 310lb D'Brickashaw Ferguson on Darren Sharper's interception return. That might have been my favorite play of the game, aside from Peterson's spin move. Williams just absolutely leveled Ferguson.

Tomorrow: The Bad

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twins15 said...

Chad Greenway was awesome out there... he is a lot faster than I even thought.