Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vikings Fans' New Favorite Player

Let's all extend a warm welcome to everyone's new favorite player, Kelly Holcomb! The Vikings acquired him yesterday evening from the Philadelphia Eagles for a sixth round pick so he can backup Tarvaris Jackson, a welcome addition after watching Brooks Bollinger "play" quarterback in the preseason. Holcomb's a 34 year old veteran (who, apparently, is graying already) who was undrafted out of Middle Tennessee State. He didn't see the field last year while backing up J.P. Lohsman with Buffalo, but he has played in 35 games, completing 64.6% of his passes while throwing 34 touchdowns and 34 interceptions.

It's time for Kelly to buy some Just for Men

Those stats may not be eye catching, but they are competent, something the Vikings could not say about Brooks Bollinger. Holcomb will provide a veteran presence for Tarvaris to learn from, another thing the Vikings couldn't say about Bollinger. He seems content to play the mentor, ready to step in, but happy to stay on the sidelines if his protege succeeds. And he wasn't too bad the last two years.

Football Outsider's metrics back that assertion up (sorry about the table's formatting):

Passes Yards TD TO
2004 13.7 11.4 21.4% 15.7% 92 706 7 5
2005 1.8 1.7 -11.5% -11.6% 251 1360 10 12

He played in four games in 2004 and ten in 2005. His stats are better in 2004, based on a game against the Bengals where he put up a QB rating of 128.5 while throwing 5 TDs and 2INT. His next start (which came five weeks later), he only had a 75.1 QB rating while throwing 1TD and 2INT. That inconsistency would continue to plague him in 2005, where he made seven starts. His first game, he had a QB rating of 106.1, but followed it up with an 80.9 and then proceeded to alternate good starts with mediocre ones, posting ratings of 110.0, 83.3, 88.0, 105.3, 53.0.

His inconsistency means he's a backup. His experience means he'll be a good one, able to help Tarvaris learn and grow as a QB. And if Tarvaris isn't able to go, he's shown he can be a solid replacement. The only real drawback to his acquisition is that it'll force the Vikings to put Tyler Thigpen on the practice squad. Well, that, and the fact it gives Vikings' fans a legitimate backup QB to pine for.

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