Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday's Redskins Links

As a D.C. resident, I'm very familiar with the Redskins and the coverage of the Redskins. Quite simply-when the Washington Post wants to cover something, it is very, very good at covering it. And they really want to cover the Redskins. There's a lot of good stuff out on their website (along with the Washington Times and the various 'Skins related blogs) and so I thought I'd provide yall with some links. If you're asked for a login, you can always go to, where they have quite a few you can use.

  • Todd Collins had a hectic week prior to his first start since 1997. He obviously calmed down enough for the game, however, (perhaps by sniffing some balls?) as his play didn't submarine the Redskins. And while he got the victory, you'll have to pardon me if his 8 of 25 performance, in which he threw for only 166 yards, did not impress me. His blog, however, does.
  • Michael Wilbon weighed on the game (What's the difference between the Post and Star Tribune? The Post trots out Thomas Boswell, Michael Wilbon and Mike Wise to write their columns. The Star Tribune has Jim Souhan).
  • The Washington Times might not have the big names, but they do have Michael Rand (otherwise known as "Randball"), who wrote a piece that tries to explain the Purple Jesus to the unconverted out here in the Potomac Basin.
  • Mike Sellers: Not as good as Tony Richardson and not happy about it.
  • Redskins fans: Winners... Seriously--there are few fans as obnoxious as Redskins fans as a group (I know quite few nice ones, so if you're one of them and you're reading, this isn't about you). Obviously, Green Bay fans and Philly fans are more obnoxious, but I've never had as many people "accidentally" walk into my on purpose as I did walking out of FedEx Field in my Winfield Jersey after the season opening victory against the 'Skins last year.


MN DUDE said...

As a fellow Vikes fan living in DC, I have been inundated with comments from my co-workers about how the skins are going to crush the Vikes this week.

It is too bad I am going to be out of town this weekend and will miss being able to rub it in when we beat them (hopefully) this Sunday.

Do you guys ever go to T&H in Crystal City to watch the games? There is a pretty good turnout of Vikings fans there.

Ben Folsom said...

You can't be serious, right? Redskins fans among the most obnoxious in the league? What a sheltered life you must lead. I have attended the past nine Redskins games in Philly and fear for my life every time whereas my Eagles partner has attended the past nine Eagles games in DC and he can be as loud as he wants and no one pays attention.

Here is a list in rough descending order of fans that are more obnoxious than Redskins fans:

Eagles fans, Giants fans, Raiders fans, Cowboys fans, Steelers fans, Ravens fans, Patriots fans, Jets fans.

I'd put Redskins fans in the middle tier of generally laissez faire fans including Colts fans, Broncos fans, Bills fans, Jaguar fans and Saints fans and above weaktit pussy fans like Panthers fans, Bengals fans, Chargers fans, Rams fans and Seahawks fans.

The one serious Vikings fan I know is a complete pussy, so much so that he abandoned the Vikings for the Ravens and now wears purple camo to the home games in Baltimore but I don't hold that against Vikes fans in general.

I guess ditching the Vikes for the Ravens is roughly the NFL equivalent of dumping the cute chick with baggage for the fat chick that does anal.

Christopher Esget said...

I'm also a Vikings fan living in the DC area. I've been to the last two Vikings games at FedEx, and while there were a few comments, it wasn't a problem. When I went to see the Vikes in Baltimore a couple of years ago (the night game on Christmas Day), however, the rude, drunken Ravens fans there made things pretty miserable on my wife and mother-in-law, so much so that I don't think they'll go to another away game with me again.