Friday, December 21, 2007

Mike Sellers Runs His Mouth

This is Mike Sellers. Mike Sellers is the fullback for the Washington Redskins. And he’s got a chip on his shoulder. You see, Sellers here, he got left off of the Pro Bowl roster because the fans, coaches and players thought chose Tony Richardson instead. Mike Sellers isn’t going to take that lying down though. Oh no, not Mike Sellers. Instead, he’s going to show the entire world why he should have been chosen for the Pro Bowl by helping the Redskins out rush the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s certainly an interesting idea, but how likely is it? I mean, the Vikings rush defense isn’t an ordinary rush defense. Nope. It’s got Kevin and Pat Williams, E.J. Henderson, Chad Greenway, Ben Leber and Keneci Udeze. It almost set the record for best rush defense EVER last year, and it’s been dominate once again, allowing only 2.97 yards per carry this season. Ryan Grant is the only back that has rushed for more than 100 yards against them and that game was the only game in which Vikings were out rushed this season. And I’d bet that the defense has a little extra motivation now that Sellers has started running his mouth.

And it’s not like the Redskins have a dominate rushing game either. The ‘Skins are averaging a paltry 3.81 yards per carry, which is only good for 23rd in the league. While they had some success (4.4 YPC) against the Giants, who have a decent run defense (3.96 YPC allowed), the Giants are allowing almost a yard more per carry than the Vikings. And even after that game, neither Clinton Portis nor Ladell Betts is averaging 4 yards a carry, with Portis averaging 3.9 YPC and Betts averaging 3.7 YPC.

It doesn’t look good for Mr. Sellers, and we haven’t even gotten to the Vikings running game (or the Todd Collins run Redskins passing game, and its average of 6.1 yards per passing attempt). Aside from the three Pro Bowlers on the line, the Vikings’ have the Purple Jesus, who’s averaging an amazing 5.9 yards per carry. If he can up that average by a tenth of yard, he’ll be the fourth running back to average 6 yards per carry in the history of the NFL, joining O.J. Simpson, Jim Brown and Barry Sanders. He’s so good, he managed to gain ground in the race for the rushing title without even playing last night! And he, along with his partner, Chester Taylor (5.3 YPC), will be going up against a run defense that is allowing 3.92 yards per carry for the season. That’s right-the Redskins are allowing more yards per carry on defense than they are gaining on offense. And that’s before taking into consideration the fact that they lost their second leading tackler, LB Rocky McIntosh, to a horrible knee injury on Sunday, not to mention the tragic loss of their Pro Bowl strong safety (and honorary Viking), Sean Taylor.

Doesn’t look all that likely that Mr. Sellers will be able to achieve his goal, does it?


Peter said...

I think the Pro-Bowl selection choice will be solidly backed after Sunday night's game.

Rakesh said...

How about you go on YouTuve and type in Mike Sellers -Lions, and watch the hit Sellers layed on a lions safety earlier this year. But Youtube isn't necessary, as Sellers will be a live wrecking machine come Sunday. By the way, I heard Winfield is Winfield or even an injured Winfield playing, spells trouble because Santana Moss on your turf calls for a long...very long day, for your secondary. Skins beat vikings, Giants lose to the Bills...Sets us up well going into next week! = )

TBird41 said...

I've seen the hit. It's vicious. The problem is, even if he hits one of the Williams like that, it won't matter--they're just too big. And then the other one (or E.J. Henderson) will tackle Portis/Betts

And I agree, the lack of Winfield is going to be an issue, but not as much of one as you think, because Moss can't do a whole lot unless Todd Collins gets him the ball. And I'm sorry if I'm not worried about Todd Collins picking the Vikings apart.

Ben Folsom said...

Rakesh beat me to it, but here is a helpful learning aid.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a year late but Mike finally "earned" his Pro Bowl start.