Friday, January 06, 2006

A Busy Week

It's been a busy week for Vikings' fans, what with the coaching search, panicking about the coaching search being too slow, the hiring of Brad Childress and ranting about Childress being hiring too quickly. So here's some thoughts on the Vikings' stories that might have slipped by you will you were trying to decide if the Vikings were moving too slow or too fast.

  • Brad Johnson wants to start, or he wants to be traded. Somehow, the fact that he did an adaquete job against six bad teams and a crappy job against two good teams and one bad team has convinced him that he would be a good starter. I blame the fans and the media for putting these ideas in his head. Thanks to them, Childress is going to have to sit BJ down and get him to remember he's a backup. And he better succeed, because with the questions about Daunte's knee, a competent backup is vital to the Vikings.
  • Steve Loney is gone. He's rejoining Dennis in Arizona as his offensive line coach. I say good for him, and good for us. The line was bad this year and so was the offense. He was in charge of both. If Dennis wants to give him a second chance, that's fine, but Childress should bring in his own guy.
  • The Love Boat Four all pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. Daunte, Bryant "Giver" McKinnie and Fred "Toast" Smoot did so in the past weeks, while Moe "Retiring" Williams did so yesterday. And while I don't actually care about this case, I mentioned this solely so I could call McKinnie a giver. Because that's what he is. He is a giver.
  • Ed McDaniels was at the press conference today. The only reason I care is that Eddie Mac is a philosopher. He helped coach my high school football team for one season. We had a stud linebacker that was getting D1 looks (he ended up playing hockey instead) and Eddie Mac came in to coach him up a little bit. His coaching mainly consisted of telling the kid to "Get ya stats, Get Paid, Don't. Get. Hurt." I'll let those words speak for themselves.
  • Playoffs start tomorrow. I see the Racists triumphing over Tampa, because Simms will self destruct in his first playoff start against a very good defense. The Giants will beat the Panthers on the back of Tiki Barber. The Patriots will win because Tom Brady is 9-0 in the playoffs and streaks like that don't end to a random Wild Card team in the first round. Finally, the fully rested Bengals will light up the Steelers, who are banged up and on the road.
[Edit: If you want to listen to Brad Childress' Press Conference, it's right here.]

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