Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You Say Goodbye, I say Hello

On Sunday, Zygi and Childress cleaned house. And today, it appears, they're starting to rebuild. Say goodbye to Ted Cottrell as Defensive Coordinator. And say hello to the new Defensive Coordinator Mike Tomlin, formerly the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Backs Coach.

And while Ted managed to finally get the defense to, you know, show up, it's for the best that he and the seventy five million other coaches that were also fired on Sunday are no longer on the Vikings' coaching staff. Before you start saying how Ol' Ted got a raw deal, remember that one of the main reasons he was with the Vikings was because he was willing to work cheap. Also remember that the Vikings, statistically, were in the bottom half of the league on defense. Finally, if you were Childress, would you want a guy on your staff who you didn't hire and who wanted your job?

So let's allow Zygi and Childress to build the staff they want and, if we're lucky, Tomlin is the first member of a supporting cast that will rival the 1990s Vikings' staff in terms of coaching talent.

Bienvenido Mike!

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