Thursday, January 05, 2006

Welcome Brad Childress!

Well, our long wait is over. And by our long wait, I mean our four day wait. Brad Childress is the Vikings new head coach. I'll be honest; this seems like it was rushed. The Vikings only interviewed four candidates.

The other candidates, however, obviously didn't say anything to knock Childress from what I presume was the number one spot on Zygi's list. Childress comes from a winning franchise and he impressed Zygi in what Ted Cottrell, a veteran of the interview process, said was an "interview was right near the top. They were very thorough, and the process was well thought-out. They know what direction they want to take the team."

So, Childress might not have been my first choice, but he was Zygi's. And so far, I think Zygi has earned the benefit of the doubt. Add that to Childress' beautiful mustache, and I'm happy. So welcome to the Vikings, Coach Childress!

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