Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cool Out!

As the great Neil Diamond once said, "Cool out! Everyone just cool out!". Today is only day 3 of The Great Coaching Search. It's a little early to panic, say Zygi and Crew are out of their league or do anything except sit back, look into possible candidates and wait and see who the Vikings interview. (So naturally Souhan is already panicking.) So far, they've interviewed a legitimate candidate in Brad Childress (whom KFAN is reporting as the favorite), as well as Ted Cottrell yesterday and they're interviewing Al Saunders, another legitimate candidate, today. They are well on their way in their search. And other candidates, such as Ron Rivera and Gary Kubiak can't be interviewed yet.

And the last thing the Vikings want to do is rush this decision. They need to interview all of their legitimate candidates and then make a careful decision. If they don't, they risk making the same mistake the Vikings did when they hired Tice instead of Tony Dungy (who became available after Tice was hired), Lovie Smith (couldn't be intervied until after the Super Bowl) and Marvin Lewis (the Ravens were still in the playoffs). The Head Coach is the most important person in the NFL. Making a quick choice instead of a smart one is a serious mistake.

[Note: Souhan's column can be accessed via's Startribune login page]

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