Sunday, December 10, 2006

Goal Line Stands are HOT

I know you felt it--the Vikings were letting the game slip away in the fourth quarter again. The offense had been inept in the second half, and Jon Kitna had marched the Lions to the one inch line. It was second and goal, and a touchdown would pull the Lions within three, with more then enough time to get the points they needed. All they needed was a few inches, something even the Lions could get easily.

E.J. Henderson, however, didn't care about the odds of a stop. Instead, he just stepped up, and with some help from Darrion Scott, blew up Kevin Jones at the line of scrimmage, hitting him so hard that Jones was bowled over, catching his foot and having to leave the game with an injury. That was only second down though--the Vikings still needed two more stops. And E.J. was up for the task, knifing through the line of scrimmage to tackle Arlen Harris in the backfield for a short loss. And then, when the Lions decide to risk it all, on fourth and goal, he combined with a host of Vikings to drag down Kitna and seal the victory.

It didn't hurt E.J.'s candidacy that he lead the team in tackles, recovered a fumble and recorded another sack, but as' any Vikings fan will tell you--goal line stands are HOT. And that's why E.J. gets to party with the Wisconsin Women this week.

Hey Detroit--Did you get your tickets to the Gun Show yet?


Pacifist Viking said...

However, I don't think anybody can rightly explain to me why Detroit was going for it on 4th down at that spot.

TBird41 said...

They're Detroit?